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What View Would You Rather See From Your Living Room?

March 17, 2009 by  
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There’s no arguing that a water view seems to have the most value. But, is it what everybody really wants? Most of those who move here from out of town see our beautiful skyline in pictures. Doing a Google image search for Seattle will bring up pictures of city lights, the Space Needle, and Pike Place Market. Is the water view really more valuable than less water, and more skyline?

It was difficult to find day and night images, so imagine both when making your vote.


Fifteen Twenty-One


First Hill Plaza


2 Responses to “What View Would You Rather See From Your Living Room?”
  1. Mark W says:

    When I picked my apartment in Met Tower, I could have gone higher for a better water & Olympics view, but the price rose with the floor numbers, and I decided that I wasn’t likely to spend enough time staring out the window to justify the cost. But I did like the fact that I had some limited mountain views and a glimpse of the water (curses to Mosler for taking that glimpse away).

    Over the years I’ve actually enjoyed my decidely city view. I face the Westin, and have watched Cristalla, Washington Mutual and now Escala change my city views. Of course it helps that my city view isn’t too close in – a block separates me from the Westin – so I see the city and not just a building.

  2. Hey Mark.

    Completely agree. I recently visited First Hill Plaza just a bit ago and had the opportunity to see the entire city, mountains, lake, and some glimpse of water. It was more impressive than the view from W. Seattle. Not sure why some buyers will pay tens of thousands more for what I personally consider less of a view.

    Person lives out of state, looks at pics of our great city (generally pics from W. Seattle or Queen Anne), moves here, then insists on removing everything they see from their windows by staring out into an open space.

    Does seem like the numbers above agree, but what’s actually selling doesn’t. Wonder if that will change over time?

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