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Seattle Best of Home 2008 Winner for Top Architecture

Mosler LoftsIf you live in the downtown Seattle area, there’s a high probability that you already have a subscription to Seattle Magazine with this months issue on or under your coffee table. I actually came across this month’s issue walking through the airport. The word “architect” was seen within my peripheral vision and had to look at the cover closely to see the orange in the top left corner of the cover.

The best local design, architects and remodeling experts (P. 72)

Another thing to note (if you’re from out of town) is that if you live in the downtown Seattle area, architecture and development becomes an obsession. So, when you see Seattle and architecture on the same page (even you’re not even looking) getting to your departure gate can wait just 1 more minute. With our hot urban market, I knew there would be a winner for the downtown area and wanted to see if it would be a surprise. To no surprise at all, page 72 features a photo of Mosler Lofts and the Mithun staff. While other new communities may have stronger marketing strategies or a higher record of sales, Seattle Magazine awarded Mithun for their cutting-edge sustainable design. Mithun’s focus is also based on resource efficiency and urban revitalization. Seattle has become the place to be for those who are green and Mithun is certainly leading by example.

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