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Amazon Still Moving Along with 11 New Buildings in SLU

Construction has been underway for some time, and Amazon has recently reported that they’re not making any plans to get out of thier lease with Vulcan.  A spokesperson for Amazon confirmed that the company is looking forward to the move, making mention that it should be a good move for the company and its customers.  Mayor Greg Nickels predicted that there will be an approximate 20,000 people working in the South Lake Union neighborhood by 2012–double today’s number.  That can mean huge profits for those who have currently invested or plan on investing in downtown real estate.  It could also mean the opposite for those waiting to see if it actually happens. 11 Buildings Totaling up to 1.6 Million Sq. Ft. of New Office and Street-Level Retail Space in SLU

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This is great news for those who already have, or plan to purchase a new home in the South Lake Union neighborhood.

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Be sure to check out the following condos if you’re thinking about buying.

SLU Condos Enso 135 luxury condominiums that are part of our 2201 Westlake mixed-use project on the corner of Westlake Avenue N. and Denny Way, scheduled to open in spring 2009
Veer Lofts 99 artistic lofts featuring open, flexible floorplans on 9th Avenue and Harrison Street, scheduled to open in summer-2008
Rollin Street 208 SoHo-style flats on the northeast corner of Denny Way and Westlake Avenue N., expected to open in spring 2009

Excitement of South Lake Union Continues to Grow

South Lake Union FootbridgeIt seems as though the South Lake Union neighborhood has dominated the public’s interest in newspaper headlines. In just the last week alone, there were four updates featured in the Seattle Times and Post Intelligencer regarding economic and ecological progress. Here’s a peek at what’s the beginning of the S.L.U. boom.

  • The new streetcar began operating at 12:12pm on 12-12-07. It was automobiles that were originally the death of the streetcar in the 1940’s. With the expectation of 12,000 new jobs and 6,000 new homes to be built in the neighborhood, the streetcar will help cut back on fuel usage and congestion.
  • Speaking of fuel usage, another recent announcement was made stating that Propel Biofuels will open it’s flagship gas station on the corner of Westlake Avenue and Valley Street. The station will not have attendants, convenience store or even pumps. Customers will serve themselves and the landscaping will include canola, camilina, switch grass and soybeans. All of which ingredients to make biodiesel fuel.
  • The media also announced the recent approval given to Vulcan, Paul Allen’s development company, to construct three 160′ buildings for the new (presumed) headquarters. Not only will the new location for Amazon drive a speculated 4,000 new jobs to the neighborhood, the City Counsel Panel also insured money would be allocated to affordable housing.


Available real estate investments in the booming neighborhood include:

2200 Westlake
Enso at 2201 Westlake
Rollin Street Flats
Veer Lofts