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New Pricing Hints for Escala

February 4, 2010 by  
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We had an opportunity to visit ESCALA this week.  There is so much to absorb as more details are being ironed out as ESCALA undergoes their three weeks of resetting for the current market.   We had a quick (very quick) glance at the proposed pricing and it will be quite compelling.  Again, with an asterisk, everything is still being worked out and prices have not been formalized.  From what we can tell at this time, the pricing may be at least 30% under the previously published prices.

We at the Stroupe Group couldn’t be more excited for buyers that have that have expressed interest in ESCALA.  From what we’ve gathered, an approximate 200 units will be priced under $500 per square foot and sure to draw a lot of attention from all buyers interested in downtown.

If you are a regular reader of our post, you know we do not get overly excited with marketing news coming from projects.  Their job is to create “hype” to encourage movement in a project. We do our best to see the project regardless of the marketing.  That being said, if these prices at ESCALA are indeed what we expect, this is a great opportunity for a buyer looking for an exceptional product at a very attractive price.  Think of what buildings are ESCALA’s competition and what the price per square foot are in those buildings.  We cannot speak for the motivation for this drastic discount but we cannot wait to see how the public responds.

With such compelling prices, it may be likely that ESCALA will get a lot of attention over the next couple of months as the marketing for the building steps up.  Expect a BIG media splash soon.

We are currently working to get some images of the project and perhaps the exceptional furnished models.  They were also installing the chandelier over the concierge desk.  That should be fun to see.

We have an appointment on Monday morning where we expect to have significantly more information.  Perhaps some established prices too.  Be sure to register on our new website for ESCALA at where you can view floor plans, sign up for listing updates, and get more details on the building overall.  We will also be sending out pricing updates and pictures as we receive them to those who have registered.

Stay tuned.


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