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Luxury Apartments Planned for 3031 Western Avenue

February 5, 2008 by  
Filed under Martin Selig

3031 ApartmentsMartin Selig Real Estate is planning to build a luxury, 14-story, 78-unit apartment building behind the Olympic Sculpture Park’s “Wake.” There is currently a 2-story parking structure located at the site and many have expressed frustration about the “backdrop” view of the park’s amphitheater. Seattle Art Museum officials have shown concern by stating, “We just want to make sure it’s (building design and construction) done in a sensitive way.” The building shouldn’t block any views from 1st Avenue condo owners, nor cast any shadows on the park.


7 Responses to “Luxury Apartments Planned for 3031 Western Avenue”
  1. Matthew Warren says:

    Say, isn’t this development planned for a site that is zoned to 65 feet? How are they going to build a 14-story complex? Has the zoning changed since the 2006 seattle zoning map?

  2. jamesstroupe says:

    Hey Matt. You can actually go up to 125 feet west of Western between Bay and Eagle Street. The rest of northern area in that zone is city park. If you go here you’ll see the city’s most updated zoning map based on last year’s changes. I think it will look nice. Not sure why anybody would complain about a more urban view in the backdrop (not you, but what was read in the paper). Just an opinion though. We’ll double check the zoning and post more info if there’s corrections to be made.

  3. Matthew Warren says:

    “West” of western between bay and eagle?

    Wouldn’t that put the development smack dab in the middle of the park? I thought it was going to be on the other side of the street…

    If this is accurate, the SAM people can’t be happy about this…(although the building drawings sure look nice)

    What’s your take, James?

  4. Matt – Here’s an image that shows the lot where the new building is planned to be built. It also looks like many condos at the Alexandria will lose their views. There’s currently 5 for sale right now, but I’d be interested to know if the units for sale are all in the northern side of the community.

  5. jamesstroupe says:

    Hi Matt. My take is that I’m just glad to hear park officials and the property owner is working together on the development (as stated in the Seattle Times). Obviously the property is very valuable so something was destined to happen. It’s fortunate that there’s some teamwork and consideration taking place.

  6. Anthony Mander says:

    What is the status of this building? Has it been approved. Is this going to be apartments for rent or Condo’s for sale? Thanks for the info.

  7. admin says:

    We’re looking into that for you. Good question!

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