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The Grand Opening of Lake Union Park



How long does it take to turn garbage into gold? The answer is 20 years.

And that’s really true. Back in 1990, serious attention was turned towards 12 acres of prime Lake Union property filled with contaminated soil and degraded seawall. It also contained tons of garbage, creosote piles, concrete and asphalt debris. A great deal of vision, paired with a groundswell of community support, would be needed in order to polish this polluted land into a true Seattle jewel.

And 20 years later, what a jewel it is!  Those 12 acres of land is now Lake Union Park, a world-class waterfront park on the south shores of Lake Union. It will have something for everyone. Environmentalists will marvel at the restored shoreline and the returned habitat of turtles, salmon, heron and native plants. History enthusiasts will enjoy the History Trail throughout the park. Outdoor lovers will enjoy the trails for walking, jogging and biking. There’s also a pedestrian bridge, waterfront boardwalk, terraced steps at the lake’s edge. There is a beach for hand-launched boats and a model boat pond. A place to have a picnic?  There’s a tree grove with tables and benches. Things for kids to do?  There’s a 300-foot long interactive fountain, a great lawn and sculpted landforms to play with. The park has a streetcar stop for commuting convenience.


 The pre-dedication festivities kick off on Friday evening, September 24th with a lavish dinner dance. The “Green Tie Gala.” will introduce civic, business and philanthropic leaders to the beauty of Lake Union Park. On Saturday, September 25th, the real party kicks in from sunrise to sunset (7 a.m. – 7 p.m.) and you’re invited!  The community-wide celebration will begin with sunrise yoga and a family Fun Run. The ribbon-cutting ceremony starts at 11:30 a.m. Live music, a fitness field, parade of Seattle mascots, maritime activities, History Trail guided tours, kayak and paddle board demonstrations, and ample food and drink will set the stage for a great day in the park. All activities are free of charge.

Seattle Parks Foundation is a private nonprofit organization working to improve, expand, and create parks and green spaces, building a more vibrant community. Founded in 2001 to bring new resources to Seattle’s park system, Seattle Parks Foundation has completed 30 park projects and secured more than $29 million for parks and green spaces in Seattle. Lake Union Park was specifically chosen as its first major project because of its central location, a need for green space in the downtown area, plus the project’s amazing partnerships with The Center for Wooden Boats, Museum of History and Industry, The United Indians of all Tribes Foundation, and the City of Seattle.

Lake Union Park is located at 860 Terry Avenue. For more information, please visit their website. Come to the park, and come to it often!

Olive 8: Auction Results and Stats

Success!  Over 200 bidders filled a room at the Hyatt at Olive 8 on September 19 to try and snag a deal on 32 units from Floors 18 – 26 that were on the block. By day’s end, very happy new owners walked away with homes averaging 30% off the original price. Here’s a list of the sale action, sorted by square footage.


Sales are subject to seller acceptance and escrow closing.

We are fairly certain this information is accurate… if it changes, we will repost.  We continue to pride ourselves on accurate information.  During the auction, six units were removed from the auction (four 1-bedroom units, two 2-bedroom units).  As the auction progressed, the four 1-bedroom units returned for bidding. By the end of Sunday, all but four units had acceptable bids and the celebration began for those lucky buyers.  The remaining four units were short of the reserve bid.  The seller has a few days to decide what to do with those units.

Although it took an auction to do a significant move of inventory for Olive 8 management, the number of bidders that registered and appeared may be a sign that the Seattle real estate market is entering a more positive phase. In addition, over 1,500 potential buyers viewed the properties prior to auction, which could serve as a great base for future Olive 8 sales down the road.

The number of participating bidders also says something else about Olive 8. They confirm that Olive 8 is a special property, with a wonderful downtown location and a dizzying list of amenities including services through its downstairs neighbor, the Hyatt at Olive 8.  A little over 100 units remain for sale. Check out our website, for more details, then fill out our Contact link.

Belltown Art Walk on September 16th

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The next Belltown Art Walk & More begins at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 16th.  Make sure you pick up a flyer as you stroll about. It will contain coupons good for discounts and 2-for-1 offers at Belltown’s most popular restaurants and bars.  We’ve grouped these by avenue for your convenience.  For a map and current event information, check out this link.


Western & Bell:  Mars Hill Church, 2333 Western Ave

1st & Blanchard: Vain, 2018 1st Ave

1st & Blanchard: Gary Manuel Salon, 2127 1st Ave

1st & Battery:  Form/Space Atelier, 2407 1st Ave

1st & Broad: Allure Salon, 2915 1st Ave

2nd & Virginia:  Whisky Bar, 2000 2nd Ave

2nd & Blanchard: See Sound Lounge, 115 Blanchard St

2nd & Blanchard:  Belltown Barber, 2219 2nd Ave #A

2nd & Bell:  Bedlam Coffee, 2231 2nd Ave

2nd & Bell: Roq La Rue, 2312 2nd Ave

2nd & Bell:  Damaged Goods, 2316 2nd Ave

2nd & Bell:  Stylus, 2321 2nd Ave

2nd & Battery:  City Hostel Seattle, 2327 2nd Ave

3rd & Wall: Belltown Video, 2500 3rd Ave

3rd & Cedar:  Street Bean, 2702 3rd Ave

4th & Bell:  Belltown Pull-Apart, 2308 4th Ave

4th & Bell:  Gilt Edge Society, 2312 4th Ave

4th & Blanchard:  Yellow Leaf Cupcakes, 2313 4th Ave

5th & Cedar:  Musadesign, 2617 5th Ave

Denny & Taylor:  In.Fringe, 100 Taylor Ave N #A2

9th & Westlake:  Art Not Terminal, 2045 Westlake Ave

9th & Blanchard:  Eleveight Salon, 2130 Westlake Ave

9th & Westlake:  Design Theory, 2132 Westlake Ave

Olive 8: Anatomy of an Auction

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We’ve been telling you in previous posts how special the upcoming Olive 8 auction will be. Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Olive 8 has amazing views and numerous amenities, all at once-in-a-lifetime prices. However, the clock is ticking… the auction is on Sunday, September 19th, at 1:00 p.m. sharp but more importantly, you must be pre-registered by Thursday, September 16th at 6:00 p.m. If you still have questions or even qualms about the auction process, so maybe our handy-dandy guide below will help:


Review the Properties – Check out our link at, where you’ll find details of the 34 homes from Floors 18 through 26 that are on the block. Under “The Auction”, there’s a .pdf with unit floorplans. Then, hit our big green contact button and tell us which ones you’d like to see. When we meet, we’ll first discuss what you’re looking for in a home, then physically tour the properties to see which best fit your lifestyle needs and financial means.

Financing – You must be pre-approved through one of two lenders, Bank of America Home Loans or Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Even if you’re a cash buyer, assets must be verified through either of these two lenders. By doing this, you will know that everyone at the auction will have the ability to bid.  Have a pre-approved credit line ready and bring the letter with you.  If you choose to use either one of the lenders, then the seller is offering a $5,000 credit towards non-recurring closing costs (subject to lender guidelines, please check for details). Don’t forget that financing is subject to credit approval, loan document completion and property appraisal. Finally, you will need to bring a cashier’s check for $5,000 plus a personal check for the remaining balance of your earnest money.

Pre-Register – All buyers must be registered in order to attend and bid. The form is simple, and on our website under “The Auction” tab. On auction day, check in for your bidder package. The doors open around 11:00 a.m., but you should arrive no later than 12 noon. Your window to register is a now a short one…  forms must be submitted to the Auction Office prior to 6:00 pm on Thursday, September 16th.  You will not be allowed to register at the door.

The Auction Team – The auction will be conducted by Kennedy Wilson, an international real estate investment and services company based in Beverly Hills, CA. Assisting the auctioneer will be professional floormen to make sure that all bidders are recognized and all bids are reported. Floormen can also answer questions before and during the auction, including asking the auctioneer to pause if needed.  

Before Bidding Begins – The auction will start promptly at 1:00 p.m. with opening remarks summarizing terms of sale, bidding method, and any last-minute changes or disclosures. This only takes a few minutes, ending with the auctioneer conducting a practice auction session.

Be Ready To Bid – You wouldn’t think auctioning 34 homes would go by quickly, but it’s estimated that the entire event should only run an hour. Our meetings with you will also include your bidding strategy, and we’ll be at your side when your condo number is called.

Start the Bidding – Get ready to chime in with your price! If you make a mistake, just correct it with either the floorman or the auctioneer. The auctioneer will say “sold” or “high bidder” as soon as it’s determined the final bid has been made.  When you hear, “Going once, going twice…third and final call”, that’s the cue the auctioneer is prepared to announce a winner. He’ll most likely say something to the effect of, “Sold subject to seller acceptance”.  At that time the buyer will go to another room and sign a contract based on the winning price. Within the next few days, the buyer will know whether or not they’ve made the reserve price.  Seller has the option to counteroffer to meet its minimum reserve if needed. If this does occur, buyer does not have to accept the counteroffer.

The auction will take place at the Hyatt at Olive 8, 1635 8th Avenue in downtown Seattle. Coincidentally, this is the base of the Olive 8 building and part of its great amenities package. Give our website a spin and call us right away!

What Do Olive 8 Homeowners Say? Plenty!

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We can’t tell you enough about how exciting the upcoming Olive 8 auction will be.  September 19th is the date when 34 condominiums go on the block. This auction will offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to move into one of the most exciting living experiences in Seattle.  But don’t take our word for it. Here’s some current owner feedback:

  • Amenities – What a list to choose from! They enjoy the exercise facilities with a state of the art gym, swimming pool, yoga room and private sauna/steamroom access.  It’s a great place for pets, too. A secluded exercise and grooming area assures them that Olive 8 pampers their four-footed residents, too.
  • A Hotel as a Downstairs Neighbor – You can’t beat living above the Hyatt at Olive 8 Hotel. Owners love to go downstairs to the restaurant for a quick meal, or unwind at the coffee and wine bar.  Don’t feel like dressing to go out? Order room service! Too tired to clean? Call for housekeeping! As one couple said, “…it’s like living in ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’!”
  • Views – For one owner, waking up to a view of Mt. Rainier is not a bad way to start a morning.  She also loves the light that fills the rooms of her home. Any of the stunning Seattle views can be admired either from the large picture windows, or from the privacy of your own deck.
  • Neighborhood – One couple mentioned that that they “live in the most electric part of Seattle”. Others mention that they love the location, that “you can go downstairs and walk to everything”.
  • The Homes – Owners also love the high-end appliances, the generous use of marble in the baths, the nuanced finishes, and the overall style of the floorplans.

If you’re interested in becoming another happy Olive 8 owner, take a tour of our Olive 8 website, then fill in the Contact tab.  Specializing in the downtown Seattle condominium market since 1994, we at the Stroupe Group have participated in a number of auctions and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  —


Okay, so you’ve decided to participate in the Olive 8 Auction. What’s Next?

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You’ve checked out our Olive 8 website. You’ve reviewed the amenities of both the condominium and its link with the Hyatt at Olive 8. You’ve read all about Olive 8’s Silver LEED certification and their dedication to green living.  You’ve even looked over the floorplans for the 34 units up for sale AND, you’ve decided to take the plunge and put in a bid on Sunday, September 19th.


What’s next?

A  Realtor® with proven auction experience is the best source to guide you through the bidding and closing process. That’s what you’ll get when you sign up with us. We at the Stroupe Group have specialized in the downtown Seattle condominium market since 1994, and have represented bidders on a number of successfully closed auction transactions.

We don’t start our work when the auction doors open, either.

We’ll do a thorough discussion with you upfront as to what you want and don’t want in a home. We’ll then review the Olive 8 units up for auction, and place values on those specific to your wants and needs. We’ll then take a physical inspection tour with you on the unit(s) you’re interested in to make sure the investment you’re about to make is one you are thoroughly happy with.

Now, suppose we go back to the bidding list and you like Numbers 9 and 14. You may prefer Number 9 but 14 may come up first… we will help you outline a “pecking order” and advise you on a bidding strategy come auction time.

We’ll help you wade through financial aspects of an auction. As you review the Terms and Conditions, you’ll discover it can seem a little daunting.  Plus, you’ve just picked up the part about the unpublished reserve selling price.  How can you get the Olive 8 unit you want at the right cost for you?  Moreover, how do you get in the winning bid and close the deal?

From peruse through purchase, we will start you on the auction process and be with you at every step. We’ll answer all your questions, put you at ease with the auction process and most importantly, help you get what you want at one of the premier condominium properties in Seattle.

The auction is just around the corner.  Fill out the Contact Us tab at and we’ll be in touch with you right away.

Your dream home at Olive 8 is waiting. Let us help you make that dream come true.


Olive 8 Auction Details? Find them on our website!

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Olive 8’s auction of 34 condominiums on Sunday, September 19th promises to be the real estate event of the year.  Condominiums previously priced from $395,000 to $1.23 Million will be on the block, with some bids starting as low as $160,000.

Olive 8 Website

What’s your first step in getting into the auction process? Visit our special Olive 8 website, where we’ve accumulated all the auction details. contains detailed information about:

  • The Auction – Details on the upcoming event, including a pdf downloadable brochure, including a registration form. If you would like to be represented by the Stroupe Group, download this form.
  • Auction Listings – The 34 units for sale plus floor plan design, views, number of bedrooms/baths, square feet, plus the previous and starting bid price.
  • Living Green — Olive 8 is the first condominium/hotel combination building in Seattle to receive a LEED certification (Silver). If you have a desire to live a more green lifestyle, what Olive 8 offers is a must-read.
  • Neighborhood – At the corner of 8th Avenue and Olive Streets in downtown Seattle, this section details Olive 8’s easy access to transit and freeways, plus many attractions within walking distance including restaurants, shopping, even jogging/biking trails. All this can be found within walking distance.
  • Amenities – A staggering list of Olive 8 amenities, including those shared with the Hyatt at Olive 8 Hotel.   The interstate is also just a few blocks away, and the Sound Transit station is just a couple block.
  • Floorplans – Detailed floorplans of the Olive 8 units for sale.

So take a tour of our Olive 8 website and fill in your contact information at the Contact Us tab.  Specializing in the downtown Seattle condominium market since 1994, we at the Stroupe Group have participated in a number of condominium auctions and have helped our clients successfully close on their dream of a lifetime. Let us help you with your dream, too.


34 Luxury View Condos at Olive 8 going to Auction

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SEATTLE, WA – Luxurious downtown condominiums offering shared hotel amenities were once the preferred accommodations of jet-setters, celebrities and movie stars. Now a rare and, for Seattle, a unique opportunity to live this coveted lifestyle beckons as 34 luxury view condos at Olive 8 are about to cross the auction block. On Sunday, September 19, 2010, international real estate investment and services company Kennedy Wilson (NYSE: KW) will conduct a first-of-its-kind auction that will allow winning bidders to experience five-star “Grand Hotel” living while enjoying the coveted sense of prestige and pride only ownership can bring.

The 34 condominiums located atop the posh downtown Hyatt at Olive 8 were previously priced from $395,000 to $1,235,000 with five of the 34 condominiums previously listed at over one million dollars each. Starting bids at the September 19th auction will range from just $160,000 to $440,000 with all five million-dollar-plus condos included in the bidding. With starting bids set so low, homebuyers have a unique opportunity to realize unheard-of savings on some of Seattle’s most desirable downtown digs!

Beverly Hills CA-based Kennedy Wilson is a recognized leader in the auction industry, conducting hundreds of real estate auctions across the U.S. and Canada each year. “Interest in Olive 8 has been high and is getting higher as we count down to auction day,” said Rhett Winchell, president of KW Auction Group. “Olive 8 is Seattle’s first sustainable condominium/hotel and has much to offer residents in terms of luxury living and an environmentally-friendly lifestyle,” continued Winchell. “What makes the upcoming auction extra-special is that bidders can gain entry to this desirable lifestyle while realizing huge savings on the purchase price.”

The one- and two-bedroom condos at Olive 8 provide up to 1,586 sq ft of living space atop one of Seattle’s most impressive hotels, the Hyatt at Olive 8. Residents enjoy a host of shared five-star amenities including room service and housekeeping, fine dining at  Urbane Restaurant & Bar, health and relaxation at Elaia Spa, and the Hyatt’s saline pool, jacuzzi, fitness center and yoga studio. Exclusive residents-only amenities include a 24-hour concierge, access to the Club Lounge and its beautiful outdoor terrace, billiards and entertainment rooms, and a dog run.

Interiors reflect the sumptuous lifestyle residents of this premier address expect and demand. Rich hardwood flooring, towering ceilings and expansive glass walls frame spacious rooms enhanced by natural stone, marble and granite accents. State-of-the-art kitchens are a gourmand’s paradise featuring Italian-designed Pedini kitchen systems and cabinetry, Liebherr stainless steel or integrated refrigerators, and top of the line fixtures. Luxury detailing extends to elegant and inviting bathrooms offering deep soaking tubs, stone floors, shower and tub surrounds, and high-quality Kohler faucets.

Olive 8’s premier location in the thriving heart of downtown Seattle offers residents a host of appealing dining, shopping and entertainment options just steps from their front doorway. The 34 condominiums up for auction are situated between the 18th and 26th floors (inclusive) of the Hyatt Hotel at Olive 8 hotel, and provide unmatched views of Seattle’s exciting city skyline, the area’s plentiful waterways, and nearby snow-capped mountains. The building itself bears the distinction of being Seattle’s first “green” condominium/hotel with a LEED Silver Certification. Designed for both today’s realities and tomorrow’s possibilities, Olive 8 represents the ultimate refinement in sustainable luxury. Five-star living at an extraordinarily affordable price: bidders can make it their own on September 19th!

Successful bidders at the auction at Olive 8 can choose from a range of excellent financing programs offered by Bank of America Home Loans and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Auction day purchasers are also eligible for a SPECIAL INCENTIVE. Under the terms of this incentive, buyers who obtain financing through Bank of America Home Loans and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and who close escrow within 45 calendar days of the auction will be credited $5,000 towards non-recurring closing costs (based on lender guidelines) by the Seller at the close of escrow.

Kennedy Wilson’s first-of-its-kind auction for 34 luxury view condominiums at Olive 8 will begin at 1 p.m. on Sunday, September 19th at the Hyatt at Olive 8, 1635 8th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101. Registered participants are advised to arrive no later than 12 p.m. (NOON) for the auction which will last approximately 1 hour. It should be noted that auction-day registrants will be limited to the purchase of one home only.

Kennedy Wilson invites registered bidders to a “How to Buy” informational seminar taking place at the Hyatt at Olive 8 on Sunday, September 12th beginning at 1 p.m. The seminar gives new potential bidders a chance to familiarize themselves with the auction process, while those who have previously attended auctions can enjoy a relaxed and informal refresher course. As always with Kennedy Wilson’s popular “How To Buy” seminars, the highlight will be an exciting live practice auction hosted by an actual Kennedy Wilson auctioneer.

To learn more about the September 19th auction at Olive 8 and to learn about bidding from the comfort of your home or workplace, please visit the Olive 8 Auction Information Office at 737 Olive Way, Unit 2702, Seattle, WA 98101. The office is open daily from 11AM to 6PM and further information is available via the auction website at


Founded in 1977, Kennedy Wilson is an international real estate investment and services company headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA with 21 offices in the U.S. and Japan. The company offers a comprehensive array of real estate services including property and asset management, brokerage and auction services, and construction and trust management. Through its fund management and separate account businesses, Kennedy Wilson is a strategic investor and manager of real estate investments in the U.S. and Japan. For further information on Kennedy Wilson, please visit

What’s the Sales Difference at Cosmopolitan by View?

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Cosmopolitan closings, N, S, E facing:
Address Bd Bth SqFt Date CDOM Sale Price $/SqFt
1 1.5 1,093 6/27/2008 11 549,950 503
2 1.75 1,316 10/8/2009 5 510,840 388
2 2 1,186 8/15/2008 102 715,000 603
1 1 734 2/1/2008 79 438,000 597
2 2 1,195 9/7/2007 118 735,000 615
2 2 1,318 5/2/2008 243 800,000 607
1 1 734 4/19/2007 104 441,950 602
1 1 954 6/8/2007 12 590,000 618
1 1 767 2/25/2010 262 330,000 430
2 2 1,195 7/20/2007 27 710,000 594
2 2 1,316 6/20/2009 139 750,000 570
2 1.75 1,318 7/24/2007 35 892,000 677
1 1 740 6/19/2007 31 455,000 615
1 1 943 6/18/2007 24 572,300 607
1 1 739 8/30/2007 112 412,000 558
1 1 954 6/5/2007 41 579,950 608
1 1 735 5/31/2007 23 430,000 585
2 2 1,195 2/6/2009 138 535,000 448
1 1 739 9/25/2008 245 377,000 510
1 1 738 7/25/2008 24 370,000 501
1 1 954 10/7/2009 100 367,000 385
1 1 820 3/13/2008 41 504,750 616
1 1 738 11/10/2009 136 240,000 325
1 1 735 6/8/2007 27 431,000 586
1 1 965 8/13/2007 115 532,500 552
1 1 820 10/10/2007 62 425,000 518
2 2 1,186 3/1/2010 105 500,000 422
2 1.75 1,316 7/29/2009 35 650,000 494
1 1 738 12/14/2007 212 366,000 496
1 1 943 9/28/2007 151 495,000 525
1 1 735 6/13/2007 28 439,900 599
Averages 963 89.903226 $520,811 $540
Cosmopolitan closings, West facing:
Address Bd Bth SqFt Date CDOM Sale Price $/SqFt
1 1 979 7/31/2007 63 625,000 638
1 1 943 10/5/2007 145 607,000 644
1 1 722 3/25/2008 50 400,000 554
1 1 722 9/6/2007 82 439,000 608
2 2 1,248 8/2/2007 76 760,000 609
1 1 719 7/10/2007 53 400,000 556
0 1 427 6/21/2007 59 255,000 597
1 1 800 3/2/2009 537 330,000 413
1 1 800 6/14/2007 98 445,000 556
1 1 719 10/29/2007 16 400,000 556
1 1 719 7/19/2007 42 440,000 612
1 1 719 5/15/2007 23 330,000 459
0 1 424 9/28/2009 17 202,000 476
1 1 719 8/24/2007 93 415,000 577
0 1 427 6/30/2008 370 222,000 520
0 1 419 9/24/2008 528 220,000 525
1 1 719 5/30/2007 56 399,950 556
1 1 943 4/27/2007 19 560,000 594
0 1 419 5/4/2009 23 206,000 492
1 1 711 5/25/2007 36 379,950 534
1 1 800 5/8/2008 27 380,000 475
1 1 719 8/16/2007 76 378,950 527
1 1 719 4/30/2007 14 389,950 542
1 1 800 10/8/2007 112 425,000 531
1 1 711 5/8/2007 17 377,000 530
0 1 427 7/27/2007 27 242,900 569
Averages 710.538462 102.26923
Curently on market, west facing:
Address Bd Bth SqFt Date CDOM Sale Price $/SqFt
1 1 738 2/27/2010 237 299,000 405
1 1 722 12/12/2009 241 299,950 415
1 1 800 12/3/2009 318 307,000 384
1 1 954 12/2/2009 183 325,000 341
1 1 722 2/9/2010 127 350,000 485
1 1 800 2/16/2010 195 360,000 450
2 2 1,322 3/1/2010 244 599,950 454
2 1.75 1,324 3/2/2010 511 645,000 487

Stroupe Group Exclusive Websites for Buildings

We wanted to take a moment to share a beneficial service we provide for both buyers and sellers looking at downtown Seattle real estate.  Over the last couple of years, we have built a collection of websites for buildings downtown, and have many more in the hopper.  Our intention with these websites is to allow each unique address to convey its own personality online.

Every site we build for a condo building allows a visitor to:

  • View active units for sale,
  • View the past three years of sold history,
  • Sign up for instant email notifications of new listings,
  • Inquire about a particular unit’s value,
  • See a neighborhood map and WalkScore,
  • Look at a photo gallery of amenities, and
  • Get building management/concierge contact information.

In addition, whenever we have a seller that lists with the Stroupe Group, we integrate a customized page with professional photography.  All of our building websites also place at the top of all major search engines for maximum exposure, and we also use linking strategies to further secure placement.

Visit our current project:

Below is a list of other websites that are constantly being improved, and we would love to hear any suggestions on how we can make them better.

Sample Gallery

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