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2700 Elliott Second Design Guidance Meeting in August

August 6, 2009 by  
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2700_rendering_raw_ssThe Schuster Group has not been tough to get a hold of in regards to their future 120 residential unit/2,000+ square foot project next to the Bellora at 2700 Elliott.  There is a informative 22-page Early Design Guidance pdf with more information about the proposal.  We posted their first design review back in the beginning of June, and have referred to the project as Bellora 2.  However, the only reference to the project being called Bellora 2 is by hearsay, and it’s looking like this project will just be just called 2700 Elliott.

There appears to be some minor changes The Schuster Group has had to make, based on suggestions made by the downtown Design Review Board. These include better lighting, better use of outdoor spaces, and developing the alley facade.  But, the most exciting thing about this is that the market is moving again.  The Schuster has also announced they have closed a $40 million investment fund in June.



Bellora 2 is Definitely Maybe Back!

June 8, 2009 by  
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An exciting Land Use Notice from DPD recently sent a notice of design review for 2700 Elliott Avenue, which has been referred to in previous rumors as Bellora 2.0.  The only information about the project that can readily be found is that for whatever reason, the project called for previous redesign/permitting. Below is the most recent information.

The proposal is for a new 13-story condominium building with approximately 120 residences and approximately 125 below-grade parking stalls. Street frontage on Elliott Avenue and Cedar Street will include small retail/commercial spaces. Project includes demolition of existing buildings.

The applicants have applied for Design Review related to development of this site.  At the early design guidance meeting, the applicants will present information about the site and vicinity.  The public may offer comments regarding the design and siting of the subject location; and, the Design Review Board members will also offer comments and identify those Citywide Design Guidelines of highest priority in developing the site.

Date:               Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Time:              5:30 p.m.
Location:      Seattle City Hall
Boards and Commissions Room L280 600 4th Av / 601 5th Av
(You will need to use the 5th Ave entrance after 6 p.m. If the doors
are locked, press red door button south of doors for the
security guard to gain access. Use center elevator to access L280)

However, there are some interesting sources leading us to believe that the project may be a whole new concept altogether.  In fact, the name Bellora 2 could very well be nothing other than a rumor itself.

Urban Condominiums is a longtime owner of the site, and lists the project under “Elliott Avenue and Cedar Street”.

Back in May 2008, The Business Journal reported that the Schuster Group plans to develop at that address and build something similar to their award-winning Mosler Lofts.  The article does state that they’ll be waiting a few years before  beginning, but it does appear that the team involved is one different than that of the original Bellora–leading us to believe that the project will more than likely not be named Bellora 2.

…maybe another one of our blogger friends may have more information about that.  We have placed in a call to Schuster and confirmed they are in fact involved with the project, but waiting for a return call to gather more information.

The Bellora itself is quite arguably one of the most quality-constructed condominium buildings in Belltown.  The award winning Mosler Lofts is also an impressively built address, almost a comparable upgrade of Bellora in regards to overall construction.  Based on what little information is available, we’re very excited to see renderings and review more details about the project.  It’s certain to be another boutique-like building.

And, since we’re on the subject of the Bellora, you might as well check out our Bellora listing since you’re here.  It’s only a click away.